Some go through life feeling exiled or feeling left out. Through this time how ever long it may be, they may feel as if they’re missing something . Something that people around them have that they wish they had. You know what I mean …A house, lifestyle , etc…It feels as if you’re doing something wrong or missing some kind of mindset or whatever it is that makes you the outsider. Well fear not my friends, for I bring you words of encouragement from the other side of doubt. Whatever it is that made you feel like an outsider cherish it! Even though it may bring you pain at the moment it is forging you into something that many of those “other people” will never have. Focus on what you think makes you different and wield it like a sword and use it to slice your way into the annals of time…Sorry I got a little carried away there..Anyway, most of the great things we have today came from weirdos. So, be a strange bird and do what you do…..The future weirdos needs your inspiration. thanks, Dan