Feeling Lonely

Man, did you ever just feel lonely? I’m feeling it this week. Hardcore. That’s just part of dealing with depression I guess. I mean some of it is real , but I’ve been getting the hard doses that mental illness sometimes deals out. I’m actually dealing with it right now. I wonder why sometimes I feel like an outsider. I’m sure you’ve felt like that before. It just seems as if I don’t fit in, and ultimately I don’t want to, but its that feeling of being on the ouside looking in… as if your not anyones true friend.. just an after thought. I don’t know, life is weird..Why do we care at all about things like that? Many times we’re better off without being a part of that group or being with that person, but yet the heart still yearns. We socialize continually through digital means , but I think we’d all be liars if we would say that something isn’t missing within the physical realm socially. I find writing very cathartic and I love hearing the feedback, but I’d rather be sitting with you over a cup of coffee or a cold beer. Anyway that’s todays rant. Do with it what you will. Hope all is well. Have a good night.