Many times my life gets so busy that when I’m in those moments I’m not capable of realizing what I’m letting pass me by. Today I made a conscious choice to go outside and be alone with my thoughts. Why does the sound of the wind bring solace? Why does watching clouds feel fulfilling? For me personally I can’t answer that, but I can say that the stress of the world melts away during that time and I feel reconnected to something real and something simple. Being or living Simple is an interesting concept. I’ve shed myself of so many things in my new life , yet I truly have never felt so full. I personally feel anxious when I have a lot of “stuff”. Since I’ve liquidated unnecessary things from my life I’ve been able to focus on myself and make myself a better man, that in turn has made me a better contribution to my fellow humans. I know so many people have a much busier life than I do, but please don’t let that stop you from watching the clouds from time to time. It’s healthy I guarantee you. Stay positive my friends. Dan