Well, Here we are, the first blog on the new website. I desire to make these blogs a simple journal of my thoughts and feelings, so that you can see the world through the eyes of someone who has struggled with depression. I do not plan on driving home any peticular point through these writings, rather just share whats on my mind in hopes that we can all get something from it. That being said, this will not just stay in the realm of mental health. It will always be in the forefront of the conversation , but it does not define us therefore it will not have rule and reign over these conversations. Please feel free to comment on these blogs and as always PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE These blogs on social media. That will be the lifeblood of STIGMA PEOPLE. I can’t do this without you.



Up until this point in my life I can’t really describe what I thought my purpose was. I was in that grey area, you know? Where you know deep down theres gotta be more to life, but you just can’t see it or understand how to achieve “it”. Whatever “it“ is. All of those years were sad for me. I was stuck. I thought this is it! I have no real purpose, so I accepted that as a truth and remained depressed for most of my life until I hit rock bottom. However, a transformation happened while I was down there. Although being at a point where I was prepared to end my own life, I had some “revelations” take place. The first was that I was getting taken to a mental health facility whether I liked it or not. Apparently, when people who care find out that your thinking about killing yourself they sometimes call the police. Which at the time I had never been angrier and more embarrassed, but now I see the reason for such urgency. This was my first (and most important) step to recovery and I literally went kicking and screaming because I was too sick and stubborn to see that I needed help.

“Revelation” #2. I stubbornly needed to be persuaded to start taking meds. I finally did and couldn’t be happier. And no that’s not the meds talking.

With my head in the right place I was able to evaluate the positives and negatives in my life. I’ve let loose of negative thoughts, people, and practices while absorbing the opposite. As well as, so many other positive things into my life. Understanding self-awareness has been the huge epiphany for me and I love talking about it. Ultimately I just became in tune with the the things that were hurting me and those that were good for me. We blast through life so fast last we don’t really look at ourselves deeply enough to understand how our environment affects us. I started scrutinizing my life like a scientist and as a scientist would, I had to become unbiased which meant I had to view things about myself that were sometimes ugly. Facing those realities and trying to understand why things were the way they were was extremely healthy, more than I ever imagined. Going through this process helped me to not feel as shamed or bad about myself for some of the things that have happened in the past.

You get the point, I had a life where I was unhappy, aimlessly looking for meaning, etc. Can you relate to this in one way or another? I don’t know, that’s for you to figure out. I do know this, No matter what your dealing with whether it be the way you view yourself, things you’ve gone through in the past, the way people have treated you etc. If you can slow down, dial in on what is causing you pain and why, humble yourself to take the necessary steps forward, and the big one; let go of the past. You could be in a better place. That’s where I am anyway, the old life is gone. The new life is now. It’s the last.

Thanks everyone, I hope this is the start of a long lasting relationship with you all.