How to succeed when your tired.

We all know what it’s like to be tired. We grind hard everyday to get that paycheck , so we can take care of ourselves and our families. There is another type of tired I want to address today. I spoke recently with a friend who recently went through many tough personal circumstances, many I have no experience with to comment on, yet this person even though struggling and tired exudes a strength and an interesting depth to their personality that really inspired me. So I decided to simply list some of the attributes this person shows and some of the things that I’ve learned to help keep me going when my soul is tired.

1. Grind with intention.

Grind by consciously incorporating fulfilling and creative experiences into the “daily grind”.

I’m dead tired right now as I write this, but I’m recharging my body and mind by being inspired through writing this.

I saw this mindset within this individual. However it was more family focused, which is awesome.

2. Creativity crushes

When your feeling Shitty about yourself or a situation you may be in ,stop… and be creative.

There is something that happens when you create. You leave feeling better, your leave knowing that your gaining experience in something that you enjoy , and you leave with something tangible that you can say “ look this is mine, and I created it.” which ultimately leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of self worth.

3. Stomp out negativity

While I wrote that last point I heard people saying “ well I’m not creative”. Although I believe it is an innate behavior within us, I wasn’t deeply creative until about two years ago. It is a learned process and if I could have understood how much it would help my overall well being I would have started a long time ago. So, tell the nay sayers and negative thoughts to piss off.

Well thats it ya’ll. I wish I had some awe inspired quote to pass on to you, But I’m to damn tired. However ,I hopefully helped you (in some small way) to succeed when you are tired as well.

Stay strong, you got this.