Daniel DiFava Jr.

“With some self-evaluation, I was able to shed that negative skin”

Hello, Thank you for visiting the STIGMA PEOPLE website. When I started this journey in August of 2017 I had no Idea of what I was doing. I had no idea where my life was going. I had been depressed and suicidal for the last 25 years of my life and at the time I was nursing a broken heart. Depression is no respecter of persons and it definitely had me within its grasp. I still struggle, However it has gotten better for me. I believe this experience has been a large contribution to my overall well being. I am not a complicated man by any means. That being said, it’s only expected that the framework for this project would not be complicated. We are afraid to show our true selves for many reasons, one being social stigmatization . STIGMA PEOPLE was created to help people overcome that fear and to rejoice in who they truly are. I am not a professional of any kind. I am just a person who needs help and needs others to understand. I have found much comfort and gained much strength in being with those who are in the same situation. Humans need other humans. Something happens in those moments when people are vulnerable. I believe that the weakness we feel in vulnerability is not weakness at all, but is just the soul resting from being on guard. Why does it feel so good to be loved? I don’t know, but that’s ultimately what this is all about. Love and understanding.

Below is my portrait and personal story. Thank you once again, from the depths of my heart.

Daniel in the darkroom.

Daniel in the darkroom.

dan web.jpg